Witche's Brew, was formed in 2006 between Milan, Como and Verbania as a Jam band influenced by the sound of the 70s. 

The original line-up sees the two founding members Mirko Zonca on bass and vocals, and Mirko Witche Bosco on guitar with Yggy Leonetti on drums. 

In 2008, during the Austrian tour, they recorded their first live album Pentatonicspeedfreaks

In 2009, Joseph Solci became part of the formation after several drums replacements. 

In 2010 they released their first studio album: White Trash Sideshow that includes openings towards southern rock and blues. They also released a second self-produced album titled Compilation Magmusic: Return to the Sabbath, a tribute to Black Sabbath. 

In February 2011, Solci leaves the band and is replaced by the current drummer Frankie Brando

Throughout 2012, Witche's Brew worked on their third album produced by Black Widow Records, experimenting new sounds with a brand new four-element lineup that sees Ricky Dal Pane (Buttered Bacon Biscuits) on vocals. With this lineup, Supersonicspeedfreaks is recorded and sees the participation of various international artists such as Steve Sylvester of Death SSJ.C. CinelMartin Frederick Grice of DeliriumPaolo Apollo Negri on keyboards, and Nik Turner, one of the founding members of Hawkwind

In 2013 Ricky Dal Pane leaves the band thst is in need to find a new singer. This is how Demis "Perry" Whites gets enlisted. Towards the end of 2013 however, Mirko Zonca, one of the founding members also leaves the band, giving way to Demis "Perry" Whites, who demonstrates his great skills and versatility to cover both bass and singer roles. 

With this line-up Witche's Brew consolidates their work by presenting the 2015 album entitled Against the Grain on various tours in Northern Europe. 

In 2017 the band decides to return to a four-element line-up presenting Mark Blacks on vocals with Demis "Perry" Whites on bass, allowing them to work on the songs from the new album: Chronicles of electric sorcery, produced by Pietro Foresti, that will see the light in 2019.